Woodfill Elementary School Rallies for Puerto Rico

For 11 days, Woodfill Elementary School bound together to help Puerto Rico in a time a crisis. After Hurricane Maria hit, students at Woodfill designed and created commercials, posters, T-Shirts, a video, and a campaign to raise funds for Puerto Rico. Each classroom collected change that was counted daily and 178 T-Shirts were sold saying, “Soy Líder, Desde KY a Puerto Rico, Ayudamos a nuestros amigos” which translates to “I am a Leader, from KY to Puerto Rico, We help our friends.”

They raised $2,000 and partnered with NKU LIFE (Latino Institute for Excellence), who matched their donation. In total, they sent $4,000 to Comité Pro-Desarrollo de Maunabo, a non-profit, community-based organization in southeastern Puerto Rico to help the Puerto Ricans and the nature preserve.

The students at Woodfill Elementary School take Spanish class twice weekly. This service learning project inspired students to help others in their time of need, and develop compassion for others. The students decided when the fundraiser would take place, how they would implement both a change competition as well as sales of T-Shirts in Spanish. The students promoted and managed it all. Students were divided into teams based on their interests. Several students designed a commercial to play for the whole school to inform them of the fundraiser. Students also stayed after school making information posters about the hurricane and Puerto Rican culture. All students participated in some way. The whole school was involved.

The students of Woodfill Elementary really understood the devastating impact of the hurricane. They knew that their donations would go far in helping to have an environmental as well as cultural impact. The school wanted to make certain their donations would go somewhere much needed. Comité Pro-Desarrollo de Maunabo helps to preserve the environment with their annual march. They also service children and the physically impaired from their green house. Woodfill Elementary School are confident that their impact will go a long way to help people who really need it in Puerto Rico.