Third Graders at North Pointe Elementary help a local non-profit

Third graders at North Pointe Elementary held a fundraiser for New Perceptions; a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching lives of those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, the project was so much more than a fundraiser.

Students researched New Perceptions in small groups and made Power Point presentations to share the work of the organization with all the students in their school. Each group was assigned a different grade level to present to.

Nov.13- Nov.17th students sold inspirational pencils in the front lobby to raise money for New Perceptions. You could buy 6 pencils for $5.00 or one pencil for $1.00.

One third grade teacher explained, “This was an awesome project. Students truly got a better understanding of what a disability is. A lot of research and hard work went into understanding what New Perceptions does for children and adults with disabilities.”