St. Thomas School Gives Back

The students at St. Thomas School have been busy this school year giving back to their community:

  • The preschool students want everyone to have a bedtime story and a warm pair of pajamas. Students held their own pajama day at school and read books as part of their donation drive and collected 61 pairs of pajamas to donate through the Great Bedtime Pajama Drive.
  • Second grade students made 39 Christmas ornaments for all those who were baptized in The Thomas Church this year. Then, students reflected on their own baptism.
  • The third, fourth and fifth grade students made decorations and ornaments for the residents of The Barrington. They delivered the ornaments and decorations to the residents and were able to listen to their stories about their holidays growing up. Then, the students discussed how this made them feel and how it affected the residents.
  • The sixth grade held a baby product donation drive for the Rose Garden. Upon completing the drive, students were able to tour the Rose Garden and stock the pantry with their donations, allowing students to see the impact they made on the organization.
  • The 7th grade students wrote autobiographies and put them into a book. They visited Carmel Manor, read their books to the residents and gave them the books. After reading the books to them, the students asked them about their childhood.
  • The 8th grade students made and sold Christmas ornaments, dog treats, toys for cats and dogs to benefit Lucky Tails Rescue.