St. Clement Students Raise Awareness and Funds for the Ed Colina Foundation

Sixth and Seventh graders from St. Clement incorporated service to the Ed Colina Foundation into their studies as they examined the negative effects of colonization on the continent of Kenya. In particular, they examined the long-lasting results of overpopulation, poor economic growth, and unstable government in the country of Kenya.

Students conducted their own research and created informative brochures to demonstrate what they have learned about Kenya. Students also invited a guest speaker to come and share his own experiences living in this country and read short African Folktale stories.

Students partnered with the Ed Colina Foundation to sell art from Kenya to benefit African schools.

In their Religion coursework, students learned about The Catholic Social Teachings, this particular project focuses on the Catholic Social Teaching of Solidarity.

In math class, students counted and took inventory of the art pieces and jewelry to sell.

During lunch and the school’s Open House, students in the 6th and 7th grade created an informative display about their service learning project and sold jewelry and art raising $800 for the Ed Colina Foundation.

At the end of the project, students will write a reflection essay on how this project affected their everyday lives and how it makes them look at the world differently now. They also will make any suggestions on how they think the project can be improved.