St. Clement Kindergartners Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Kindergartners at St. Clement started their service-learning project by brainstorming how to be a kind citizen.  They gathered ideas such as giving flowers, being nice, not fighting, giving a hug, sending a card, and drawing someone a picture. They decided they wanted to draw pictures to show their friends a random act of kindness.  This sparked the idea to send a letter to each class in the school to surprise them and brighten their day. Each morning the students came together as a class to write a short note and draw a picture to be delivered to a grade in the school. Students also created a Kindness Tree where the entire school could post additional ways to be kind to others.

Students learned that relationships depend on love, respect and caring for the feelings and needs of others. They learned that a small act of kindness can go a long way.  The other students at St. Clement started saying hello to the kindergartners in the hall.

The students hoped to inspire others to be kind and spread kindness.  The idea that one small act can reach out beyond ourselves to bring joy and happiness to those in their school community.

To reflect, students sat around the Kindness Tree and read all of the new hearts that had been added since they started.  They discussed ways to be kind that were similar to the ones we thought of originally and looked at new ways to be kind that other students in the school shared.

Want more ways to perform random acts of kindness, visit: