St. Clement First Graders Leave No Dog Left Behind

First grade students at St. Clement collected items to donate to SAAP (Stray Animals Adoption Program) to help stray pets. They graphed the number of items each week on a hundreds chart, as well as on a large graph in the hallway. In math, students are currently learning about “one more, one less,” what number comes after, ones, tens, etc. Counting and graphing our collected items helped students practice the first grade standard “counting to 120 starting at any number less than 120.”

Students also baked dog biscuits and gave them to dogs we knew. When the students baked dog biscuits they learned about measurement as they followed the recipe, measuring out flour, salt, and water.

The students learned there are always people or animals in need of help. They learned you can do something for your community without getting anything in return and how good it can feel to do something for others.

SAAP was very grateful for the 182 items we collected for them. Student input was incorporated into the list of items to collect that they created. They also collectively came up with a goal to reach, which was 100 items. The students reflected in their journal about what they learned from this service learning project.