Service Learning at Mann Elementary

Kindergartners collect and count for GO Pantry

Kindergartners at Mann Elementary collected 15 boxes of food to give to GO Pantry. Through the process students used sorting and tally marks to keep track of the items they brought in. They also learned that there are needy families right in their own community.

First Graders learn about Wants and Needs of our Community

First graders at Mann Elementary researched and learned about the wants and needs of our community. Students learned how to distinguish between wants and needs, research topics, write persuasive letters and information writings, and work together to build life skills.  Students then, created, collected and delivered goods to the Boone County Animal Shelter.

Kids Helping Kids

While learning about community workers and services as well as helping others in need, second graders at Mann Elementary chose to help local children in need. The students collected 50 board games to donate to a children’s room at a local hospital to help other children pass the time while at the hospital.

Third Graders Honor our Veterans

Third graders at Mann Elementary created memorials for the veterans in our community. Through the process, students learned why we celebrate Veteran’s Day, what a veteran is, and what a memorial is. They decided the important factors to consider when creating a memorial to honor Veterans. They also made decisions on the type of memorial to create and what materials to create it with. The memorials were put on display for the Veterans that came to visit Mann Elementary.

Fifth graders host a Math-a-thon for St. Jude

Fifth graders at Mann Elementary hosted a Math-a-thon and practiced adding and subtracting decimals.  In the process, students raised $1,855.00 to benefit St. Jude Hospital.

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