Planning Tools

The links below take you to pages that contain helpful ideas for planning any project.



The “tools” contained on this page are samples of reflection activities geared towards grades K-8, but these tools can be adapted to any age.


Social Entrepreneurship

This page contains contact information for and descriptions of several nonprofit organizations that promote social entrepreneurship.

Enterprise Ideas

This page contains ideas for different kinds of micro-enterprises that students can organize and implement in order to raise money for nonprofit agencies of their choice.

Education Advocacy

This page gives offers suggestions for different ways students apply their course content to raise awareness about an issue or advocate for positive change in individual or group behaviors.


The strategies on this page are to teach and practice marketing principles including how students might advertise a project in order to garner support or maximize the service outcomes.


This page contains contact information for and description of several regional and national nonprofit organizations that promote environmental social entrepreneurship.


Use our blog to share project ideas.