Project: Love the Homeless

5th graders at Florence Elementary collected boxes of cereal, deodorant, and flip-flops for The Emergency Shelter of NKY in Covington, KY. The shelter serves as a warm shelter for people experiencing homelessness on cold nights, as a cool shelter for the homeless on extremely hot days, as well as shower initiative where people experiencing homelessness can shower and get their laundry washed.

The shelter is funded solely by donations, grants, and outreach. In class, the 5th grade studied rural areas, our community, and covered empathy and perseverance during sessions with our school counselor.


During and after the donation drive, students graphed the items collected and researched homelessness in our community to explore the causes of, and possible solutions for, homelessness. Before the project started, the executive director, Kim Webb visited the classes to explain what their organization does and provided statistics and information about the shelter. As part of the celebration, Ms. Webb returned to Florence Elementary to pick up the donations and listen to student reflections. Through this outreach, students learned a greater sense of personal efficacy, personal identity, and moral development. Students applied the skills learned to be understanding and empathetic, and hope to inspire others.

The total donations given to the Emergency Shelter of NKY reached 1,368!

Miscellaneous food and drink: 201

Cereal: 659

Deodorant: 134

Flip Flops: 15

Dental: 46

Laundry: 1

To learn more about The Emergency Shelter of NKY, visit:


Students at Florence Elementary counting and sorting personal hygiene items for The Emergency Shelter of NKY.