Project idea: How can we use data to learn about eviction?

Recently, Matthew Desmond visited NKU to share his book and research focused on eviction.  Up until his research, there wasn’t much information out there regarding occurrence and prevalence of evictions and forced moves.  He equates this with trying to cure cancer but not even knowing how many people have the disease or which are most prevalent.

Dr. Matthew Desmond on the number of people evicted in 2016: “That’s twice the number of Americans that die in car accidents every year. That’s twice the number of people who get arrested for drug offenses every year. We heard a lot about the opioid crisis last year, and for good reason, it’s an incredibly important topic. There are around 63,000 overdose deaths in 2016 and about 2.3 million people evicted, so for every tragic overdose there are 36 people that are pushed into the street. This is a problem of enormous scope and consequence.” Dr. Matthew Desmond

Dr. Desmond started the website database  with the proceeds of his book to discover new facts about how eviction is shaping our nation, raise awareness and work towards new solutions.

Utilizing Eviction Lab and their teacher’s guide, we’ve put together a service-learning lesson plan for a project focused on eviction. Through this process, you and your students will be able to analyze the data and use it to advocate for changes in your own community.

Lesson Plan: How can we use data to learn about eviction