Non-Profit Spotlight: Be Concerned

Be Concerned is a privately funded food pantry located in Covington, Kentucky. It was established in 1968 as a Christmas store and became a food pantry year-round in 1987. Their mission is to honor the dignity and humanity of all persons. Be Concerned does this by providing choices to their customers through what Andrew Brunsman, Executive Director of Be Concerned, says this is part of the dignity model Be Concerned promotes.

Be Concerned provides eighty pounds of food to approximately 615 families a month who live in Boone, Campbell, or Kenton County. Additionally, Be Concerned provides senior home deliveries to 90 seniors at four sites, as well as fifteen seniors who are homebound. They also have started what Brunsman calls “the weekend project”, which provides 800 meals a month for low income children who do not get to eat over the weekend at John G. Carlisle and Latonia Elementary. Be Concerned also recently started the college student food securement at Mount St. Joseph University. Brunsman delivered 34 grocery boxes during their third delivery. Be Concerned also has a thrift store, called Betty’s Treasures, at their site that anyone can shop at that provides other essentials like clothes and other items for a home.

“It comes down to volunteers. We’ve learned here that the food will always show up. You can ask people for food and they’ll get it, but people don’t always have time. What we could use the most are consistent volunteers for any length of time,” said Andrew Brunsman, Executive Director of Be Concerned. As they grow their programs, they need more help. Be Concerned uses Signup genius on their Facebook page for volunteers to sign up. Brunsman also wishes they had a better digital presence to let the community know what new things were going on at Be Concerned. Additionally, with the weekend project, variety with the meals is important so they need more microwavable individual cups with protein.

Patricia Weber, a regular volunteer at Be Concerned said, “The best part about volunteering at Be Concerned is the smiles and the gratitude you see on their faces and just to see how grateful they are.

“I’m most proud of the legacy that Be Concerned has left in the community of people caring and sharing. I’m proud of them to think of how many Northern Kentuckians our volunteers have fed over the years. I’m really proud of our reputation in the community for helping people and doing it on a mostly volunteer basis,” said Brunsman.

To learn more about Be Concerned, visit their website at or visit their Facebook page Be Concerned.

by Guest Blogger:

Julia Justice Hall is a sophomore at Thomas More College majoring in Communications. She is originally from Georgetown, Kentucky.