Does your neighborhood have a little library?

Little Libraries are popping up all over the country! They are a wonderful way for your students to share their love of reading with the community.

Little Libraries can be placed in your neighborhood, near your school, local police station, fire station, or recreation center—just be sure to obtain permission when placing them on public property.

Little Free Library has tips on how to get started and we’ve incorporated ways to further embed learning into the process.

Step One: Identify a Location & Caretaker.  Identify areas in their community that could most benefit from a little library.

Step Two: Build a Library. Use math and geometry when building your little library.

Step Three: Register your library

Step Four: Build Support. Create a schedule for checking on and restocking the little library.

Step Five: Add your library to the world map. Learn about different areas of the world based on where little libraries are located.

Second graders at Yealey Elementary are in the process of creating their own little library.  Students held a book drive to ensure that their peers will be able to read at home if they do not have the resources to get their own books.