Lead 360

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LEAD360 makes service easy-to-do, fun, and accessible by seeking outstanding youth ideas and replicating the best nationwide. They then celebrate those who activate the most.

Areas of Care
Animal Care & Wildlife Preservation, Civic Engagement & Community Building, Education & Literacy, Elder Care, Environment & Stability, Heath & Wellness, Hunger & Poverty, Veteran Care, Peace & Justice, Infrastructure & Innovation.

Ideas Contest
Through January, Ages 5-25

“LEAD360 starts with a contest for young people to submit their big ideas to solve problems they are most passionate about. We’re looking for submissions that are simple, scalable, and measurable – whether they are existing service projects or new ideas. Five finalists will compete in an online vote, and the winner will receive a Jefferson Award and have their project activated nationwide! They will also win a trip from Rustic Pathways. The Idea Contest for youth 5-25 begins January 6th and runs through January 31st!”