Jump Rope for Heart at Stephens Elementary

Jump Rope for Heart is a community service learning program of the American Heart Association. It teaches kids:

  • The importance of developing heart-healthy habits;
  • That being physically active can be fun; and
  • That by raising funds to support research and education they help save lives across the country and in their community.

Stephens Elementary project ran from October 12th -October 31st. They encouraged students to raise funds and help support the American Heart Association to become a Heart Hero and help save lives.

Rundown of events:

October 11th – Kick off assembly with Matt from the American Heart Association.

Thursday, October 12th – All special area classes combined for a day of JUMP ROPE!!

October 20th – Field Day with Jump Rope Center included

Physical Education teacher taught jump rope unit mid-October- mid-November.

Students who raised money to support the American Heart Association were recognized on the morning announcements weekly and their names were added to a bulletin board for others to view. The school raised a total of $4093.42 for the American Heart Association.

Students at Stephens Elementary raise $4093.42 for the American Heart Association.

To learn more about Jump Rope for Heart or to host your own, visit: http://american.heart.org/jump-hoops/