About Us


We empower students to learn academic concepts more deeply, to become active citizens, and to develop into valued, educated community members for life. We accomplish this in collaboration with teachers, students, and community partners who participate in service learning experiences across the region.


Service learning is a teaching and learning method whose benefits have been well-documented.  Students apply academic concepts as they lead community service projects.  Using their coursework, students investigate an issue, design a response or solution to that need, monitor their work through reflection, carry out the service, and culminate the unit through a demonstration of knowledge and skills gained.  Children, Inc. Service Learning Initiative advocates the national and international IPARD model of service learning.


Children, Inc. Service Learning Initiative was created in 2006 as a response to Northern Kentucky’s regional plan called Vision 2015.  Beginning with 19 public and parochial K-8 schools in three Kentucky counties, our program now collaborates with nearly 90  K-12 schools across multiple counties in both Kentucky and Ohio.

Benefits of Service Learning
  • Boosts academic scores, as shown in numerous studies.
  • Brings relevance and rigor to core content.
  • Unites classroom curriculum with identified community issues and needs.
  • Engages students in the learning process through a high degree of student ownership.
  • Develops students’ 21st Century skills (such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication) in all subject areas.
  • Fosters personal and interpersonal skills and a sense of civic responsibility in students.
  • Helps students to build networks and career connections through community partnerships.
  • Empowers students to believe in their own potential as problem solvers and community assets.