4th and 5th graders at St. Clement Adopt a Sea Turtle

Fourth and fifth-grade students at St. Clement worked together to educate the student body, plan and run a fundraiser to adopt a sea turtle.  Students made connections to this project in their science, social studies, math, language arts and religion classes.

Through their project, students learned map reading skills, about turtle habitats, how to write informational text and money math skills.  At the end of the project, students reflected in religion class on how they became better stewards of the environment.

Students made many connections to their project across all areas of study:

  • Through science class, students learned about the various marine species, noting the delicate balance of the ecosystem. This led students to better understand just how life-threatening pollution is to marine life.  Students learned how plastic bags look like jellyfish, which is the main food source for sea turtles.  The plastic bags are mistaken for jellyfish, and when the turtles consume the plastic bags, the sea turtles often die.
  • Though social studies, students tracked the migration patterns of sea turtles across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Through math class, students applied their money math skills by setting a goal and then determining how much per person was needed to be collected for the purchase of an out of uniform pass to reach that goal.
  • Through language arts, students wrote a script to inform the school about their project as well as creating school announcements, posters and flyers.

Through their efforts, students raised $265 to adopt a sea turtle from Seaturtle.org.  This organization works to track, protect, and preserve nesting lands of the various sea turtle species by installing tracking devices on the back of the sea turtles.