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Children, Inc. Service Learning Initiative

In Service Learning, students take ownership of their learning by engaging deeply in their own education through course-related experiential learning, and fostering lifelong connections between students, their communities and the world outside the classroom.
Service Learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful community service experiences with academic learning, personal growth, development of critical life and work skills, as well as civic responsibility. This powerful teaching methodology successfully unites classroom curriculum with identified community issues and needs. It is an opportunity for students to learn critical skills through investigation and problem solving around real world needs that may translate into active citizens and a vibrant workforce. Students are active leaders throughout the development, implementation, reflection, and evaluation stages of service learning.

Our services include:

Professional development- individual teachers to entire faculty groups

Technical and curricular supports- including resources, lesson plans, exercises and links to quality national sites

Collaboration with K-12 teachers and students throughout the service learning experience

Relationship building with community agencies, businesses, and experts in the field

Opportunities to network with other teachers through professional learning circles

Recognition of student and school contributions to the community

Funding at the school level (contact us about a new project proposal program)


Our Children, Inc. Service Learning Initiative staff provide these supports to students and teachers interested in adopting service learning strategies to improve education and the world. We promote best practices and effective relationships by partnering with schools, community organizations, businesses, families and citizen leaders.

Here you will find examples of simple service learning project ideas as well as fully developed lesson plans that incorporate Common Core State Standards, 21st Century Skills, and S.T.E.A.M.-based projects.

If you are considering strategies to begin a service learning program read about STARTING A SL PROGRAM.

We also have tools to help with the planning and implementation of service learning projects.

Need Help connecting?  We assist with contact information to connect your class and community partners.

We value your input, suggestions, and questions.

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