Service Learning is part of Children, Inc.’s larger overall strategy to engage students, their parents, schools, businesses, and communities in a proactive, prevention strategy to get more families out of poverty through the exploration of all post-graduate options. Programming operates in and out of school through coaching, experiential learning, and parent engagement; utilizing service learning, project based learning, and job shadowing.

Programming empowers:

  • Students to prepare for life after high school; uncovering opportunities at post-secondary institutions as well as business sectors in need of skilled workers who pay a living wage. Through the process students identify their passions, talents, and interests through college and career coaching and hands on experience, through partnerships with local businesses and through service learning.
  • Families to develop a toolkit to foster constructive relationships with teachers and school personnel for the benefit of their children; stressing the importance of staying in school, giving back to your community, and providing strategies for parents/caregivers to work with their children on improving school performance and preparing for college and career pathways.
  • Communities to bridge the gap between the demands of the workforce and the type of future employees high schools are “supplying”; through partnerships with the Northern Kentucky Chamber, Tri-ED, local businesses and area school districts and higher education institutions. Students will help for and non-profit organizations work through “wicked” problems utilizing service learning, project based learning and experiential learning.